Este plugin limpia:

  • Revisiones
  • Borradores automáticos
  • Comentarios borrados
  • Comentarios sin aprobar
  • Comentarios spam
  • Comentarios borrados
  • Metas de entradas huérfanas
  • Metas de comentarios huérfanas
  • Metas de usuarios huérfanas
  • Metas de términos huérfanas
  • Relaciones de términos huérfanas
  • Términos sin utilizar
  • Metas de entradas duplicadas
  • Metas de comentarios duplicadas
  • Metas de usuario duplicadas
  • Meta de términos duplicadas
  • Opciones de datos transitorios
  • Optimiza tablas de la base de datos
  • Cachés oEmbed en metas de entradas

Este plugin utiliza las funciones de borrado apropiadas de WordPress siempre que es posible en vez de utilizar consultas directas de borrado MySQL.

Se utilizan las siguientes funciones de borrado:

  • wp_delete_post_revision()
  • wp_delete_post()
  • wp_delete_comment()
  • delete_post_meta()
  • delete_comment_meta()
  • delete_user_meta()
  • delete_term_meta()
  • wp_remove_object_terms()
  • wp_delete_term()
  • delete_transient()
  • delete_site_transient()

WP-Sweep WP REST API Endpoints
* GET /wp-json/sweep/v1/count/<Name>. Get the number of items that we will be sweeping.
* GET /wp-json/sweep/v1/details/<Name>. Get the details of the items that we will be sweeping.
* DELETE /wp-json/sweep/v1/sweep/<Name>. Runs sweep for that particular item.

WP-Sweep WP-CLI Commands
* wp sweep --all. Runs sweep for all items.
* wp sweep <Name>. Runs sweep for that particular item.
* wp sweep <Name1> <Name2>. Run sweep for the selected items.

WP-Sweep Available Items:
* revisions
* auto_drafts
* deleted_posts
* unapproved_comments
* spam_comments
* deleted_comments
* transient_options
* orphan_postmeta
* orphan_commentmeta
* orphan_usermeta
* orphan_termmeta
* orphan_term_relationships
* unused_terms
* duplicated_postmeta
* duplicated_commentmeta
* duplicated_usermeta
* duplicated_termmeta
* optimize_database
* oembed_postmeta

WP-Sweep is not compatible with the following plugins:
* Meta Slider
* Slider Revolution
* Viba Portfolio
* MailPress

Estado de creación




Paso la mayor parte de mi tiempo libre creando, actualizando, manteniendo y dando soporte a estos plugins, si te gustan de verdad mis plugins y me quieres dar un par de euros lo apreciaré enormemente. En caso contrario úsalo sin ninguna obligación.


  • Página de administración de WP-Sweep (antes de barrer)
  • Página de administración de WP-Sweep (barrido)


  1. Sube la carpeta wp-sweep al directorio /wp-content/plugins/
  2. Activa el plugin WP-Sweep desde el menú ‘Plugins’ de WordPress
  3. Puedes acceder a WP-Sweep desde WP-Admin -> Herramientas -> Barrer

Preguntas frecuentes

Muy pronto …


Trashed my WooCommerce Store

Well that was a fun day. I ran this, it shaved a few MB off my large database... and destroyed all the content for my woo commerce store... then destroyed my ability to login. Thankfully I was able to get my site back with the help of the website, and a backup of the database. Either needs looking at with regards to WooCommerce or an advisory note needs to be front and centre it will eat your data!

Restricted Entry Bug

Rather than simply removing tags and categories that are not used for any entries, this plugin will remove tags and categories that are not used in public entries. Thus, tags and categories used exclusively in restricted entries (such as perhaps ‘friends-only’) are wiped. I didn't discover this bug until I had made edits to old entries as well as making new entries, so my saved versions of the database cannot help me unless I either pore over them tediously or learn enough of the WordPress database format to code a repair program. Neither solution would be a good use of my time. I don't know what other bugs may be lurking in this code, but it would be madness to trust any software by this programmer with as much access ever again.


Ate my entire site....and backups arent even working....messed with server itself.....so now I am SOL RUN RUN RUN RUN!

Ate my entire site

It's just gone. I swept according to the instructions, and everything on my blog is completely gone. I'm NOT a beginner at this, and have ben working with WordPress since the beginning. Incredible.
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Registro de cambios


  • NEW: Added WP Rest API Endpoint support, sweep/v1/count/<Name>, sweep/v1/details/<Name>, and sweep/v1/sweep/<Name>
  • FIXED: Follow as close as possible to WordPress Coding Standards


  • NEW: Bump to WordPress 4.9
  • NEW: Update README to incompatible plugins


  • FIXED: Invalid plugin head ‘This plugin has an invalid header.’


  • NEW: Support for Codeclimate
  • FIXES: Uses get_sites() on WordPress 4.6. This should fix deprecated notices.
  • FIXES: Fixes translation placeholder count. Props @pedro-mendonca.
  • FIXES: Use manage_options capability as it conflicts with Admin Menu Editor on multisite installs. Props @EusebiuOprinoiu.


  • NEW: Added wp_sweep_excluded_taxonomies filter to allow more than just link_category taxonomy
  • NEW: Support for WP-CLI wp sweep


  • FIXES: Use custom query to delete Orphaned Term Relationship if wp_remove_object_terms() fails


  • NEW: Delete ‘languages’ folder from the plugin
  • NEW: Use translate.wordpress.org to translate the plugin
  • FIXED: Works only with WordPress 4.4 because of new term meta


  • FIXED: apply_filters() wrong arguments


  • NEW: oEmbed caches in post meta Sweep
  • NEW: Add POT file for translators


  • NEW: AJAX Sweep All
  • NEW: AJAX Sweeping
  • NEW: View details of sweep
  • NEW: Optimize DB sweep
  • NEW: User hint and confirmation. Props @SiamKreative
  • FIXED: Division by zero. Pros @barisunver


  • FIXED: Use term_id for wp_remove_object_terms()
  • FIXED: number_format_i18n() issues after sweeping


  • NEW: Moved plugin location to WP-Admin -> Tools -> Sweep
  • NEW: Add Deleted Post Sweep
  • FIXED: Use forced_delete for wp_delete_post() and wp_delete_comment();
  • FIXED: If orphaned meta has an object id of 0, use SQL query to delete


  • Version inicial