Wp Favs – Plugin Manager


Wp Favs is a bulk plugin manager tool that let’s you import your plugins lists (aka Wp Favs) from https://wpfavs.com or get your favorites plugins from WordPress.org

You can either go to Wp Favs site and register an account to create your own lists or you can browse other users existing lists and use them with quick token key.

With the Wpfavs plugin you can install, delete or active multiple plugins in just a few clicks. It’s a great tool for developers that install dozens of WordPress Sites every month.

Once installed simple go to Tools -> Wpfavs

You can read a tutorial on how to use the plugin in Tuts+

Premium Version

Check the new premium version available in https://wpfavs.com

  • Upload custom plugins
  • Connect your codecannyon account and import purchased plugins
  • Powerful API
  • Many features to come

Buy Now Button for woocommerce

Best buy now button plugin ever (buy-now-button-for-woocommerce)

Advanced Sale Percentage Badge

Check how to show beautiful badge with percentage on Woocommerce product loop


  • On the main window you can user your API key to get your lists or a quick key
  • All the wpfavs loaded from your API key
  • When you run a list you get to the plugins of the Wpfav


Using The WordPress Dashboard

  1. Navigate to the ‘Add New’ in the plugins dashboard
  2. Search for ‘Wpfavs’
  3. Haz clic en ‘Instalar ahora’
  4. Activar el plugin en el panel de gestión de plugins
  5. Ahora ya puedes ir a herramientas -> Wpfavs

Uploading in WordPress Dashboard

  1. Navigate to the ‘Add New’ in the plugins dashboard
  2. Navega hasta el área de subida
  3. Select wpfavs.zip from your computer
  4. Haz clic en ‘Instalar ahora’
  5. Activar el plugin en el panel de administración de plugins
  6. Ahora ya puedes ir a herramientas -> Wpfavs

Using FTP

  1. Descargar wpfavs.zip
  2. Extract the wpfavs directory to your computer
  3. Sube el directorio wpfavs al directorio /wp-content/plugins/
  4. Activar el plugin en el panel de administración de plugins
  5. Ahora ya puedes ir a herramientas -> Wpfavs


¿Necesito registrarme en http://wpfavs.com ?

De ningún modo. Puedes explorar la listas de otros usuarios y utilizar la tecla de uso rápido

¿Es esto gratis?

Sí, es totalmente gratuito y seguirá siéndolo. No hay extensiones premium, ni se le va a añadir nada

Can i use my Fav plugin on WordPress account?

Yes, just insert in plugin your name account


15 de mayo de 2020
At the first glance seems not as user friendly as WPCore. But I actually love this more, and here are the reasons: It supports working with WP favourites as saved at worpdress.org It supports CodeCanyon as a category in and of itself The free plugin list you can build is much more generous since you search by the plugin slug at wordpress.org, you can never be wrong and choose by mistake some other similarly named plugin (has happened to me with other similar tools) Overall, a HUGE time saver and works like a charm. Thank you so much!
3 de enero de 2020
I particularly like the sharing possibilities, allowing to manage collaborative lists. Add to that a reactive support 🙂 In short, I even wrote an article in French to promote this Plugin, that I also registered it in the Webmaster's collaborative Trello
25 de julio de 2019
Despite the warning of possible abandonment, this plugin works fine with WP 5.2.2
16 de septiembre de 2018
You just create your FREE Account at WP Favs and then install only on plugin on your WordPress. The rest is up to WPFav Plugins Collection you may choose. That simple. I use this plugin to set up quickly most of my clients' websites. Thank you, Author!
1 de agosto de 2018
Previously I was referring to a manually kept list of default plugins I use for each install but this plugin removes that step and speeds up the new install process significantly. Using the API key option, I have encountered the "sprintf(): Too few arguments" error, which other users have requested support for. The author suggests this will be updated in a future version. We're still at 1.2 at time of writing, and the support requests refer to the same version several months ago. Hopefully this will be resolved from 1.3 Despite the error, the plugins do successfully install in bulk, but it would improve the user experience if this error was eradicated. Other than that, don't hesitate to download this plugin. It's a productivity and plugin management necessity.
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Registro de cambios

* Tested with latest version

= 1.2.1=
* Improved export functionality
* Fixed importing from wordpress username

= 1.2=
* Option to export installed/active plugins
* Minor bugfixes


  • Renamed functions that clashed with other plguins/themes using tgm class


  • Plugin almost completely recoded for new version of Wp Favs site

  • Fixed compatibility issue with WP 4.3 – Thanks to Rob C


  • Added the option to bulk delete / uninstall plugins
  • Fixed some notices errors


  • Changed sidebar
  • Added error checks everywhere missing
  • Version bump


  • Fixed bug preventing quick key or WP import list to work properly
  • Fixed bug that some plugin where installed when not selected for install


  • Fixed bug when importing favorites from WordPress


  • Now users can import favorites from wp.org – Thanks Alfred Bez
  • Users can press enter key to submit quick key now
  • Added sidebar with some useful links
  • Added translation support


  • First release