WpStream is designed for effortless Live Streaming, Video-On-Demand and Pay-Per-View. It is your live-streaming solution, specially designed for WordPress to provide an affordable and seamless experience.

Choose from an array of monthly streaming plans that have been predefined and selectively calculated to suit each business and entrepreneur.

You may stream live directly from the browser or use specialized RTMP broadcast software like OBS, Wirecast, Larix, etc. Moreover, you are not limited to desktop Apps, you can even use your smartphone. Complete instructions and video tutorials are available on our website and YouTube channel.

Video playback is compatible with all modern browsers and platforms, including mobile. Each event you create will have its own pre-made video page and you may also include the player in any webpage of your WordPress site via shortcodes. You can set up unlimited channels, unlimited videos, and have unlimited viewers.

One of our key priorities is your content’s security. No matter what kind of content you choose to broadcast to your viewers, we guarantee that your data is fully encrypted and that you have full ownership and control over it. Our reliable, powerful, and highly secure tool gives customers full authority in a world where video platforms have too much control over data. This allows you more time to innovate and inspire.

Monetize your content by setting up the WooCommerce plugin and turning your live or recorded videos into products and offer them for free, as a one time-purchase or as recurring subscriptions.

Please visit our site for more details: Wpstream – Video Streaming for WordPress

What’s New?

Due to popular demand, you can now enable regular users to broadcast via the Front-End!
Starting with WpStream 3.7.1, admins can allow regular users to broadcast through the Front-End (not in wp-admin area), meaning that users who are not administrators can now independently broadcast videos. There is a new Shortcode, a Visual Bakery block, and an Elementor widget. For more information, please check out its documentation.


  1. Review our comprehensive tutorials here.
  2. Install and enable the plugin from here or by searching for ‘WpStream’ in your plugin install page
  3. Signup with WpStream and get your credentials
  4. Under the «WpStream» section of your WordPress admin, use the WpStream credentials to activate your plugin
  5. (Optional) Install and activate WooCommerce if you need to create pay-per-view video products
  6. Create and publish a new ‘Free Live Channel» (under ‘Free Free Live Channel / Free Video’) or a ‘Live channel’ type Product (under ‘Products’)
  7. After publishing your Channel/Product, click the «BROADCAST TO CHANNEL» button. Wait for the channel to become available and select your favorite way to broadcast (‘Browser’ or ‘3rd Party’). The browser broadcast will open a pop-up that will immediately begin to broadcast. The ‘3rd party’ option will give you the ‘rtmp’ parameters you need to set up on your encoder (i.e. OBS)
  8. Live video will be available on the Channel/Product ‘permalink’ page shortly after starting your broadcast


What can I use WpStream for?

LIVE, Video-on-Demand, and Pay-per-view on WordPress websites.

What can I live stream with?

Any app with RTMP (Real-Time Messaging Protocol) capability. For example, Wirecast, OBS, XSplit, iPhones, and Androids. See here.

How many people can watch my broadcast at the same time?

Virtually no limits, you can stream to hundreds of thousands or more. In case you expect millions of viewers, please inform us so that we can be prepared.

Can I stream on multiple sites?

Yes. You can use the same WpStream account for multiple WordPress websites.

Can I use the plugin with my own theme?

Our plugin works well with any theme.


12 de enero de 2022
For years I have been using streaming platforms to host my videos. Not the most intuitive, and not the most affordable (especially since we are only a team of 2). As of now, I am so excited with wpstream and the solutions they provide. Just what i have been wanting.
13 de octubre de 2021
I had a pre sales question that was answered almost immediately. I am about to buy the pro version because their support was so good and it has everything I need. I'll add more to this once that's all going. Big shout out for their support and customer service!
8 de octubre de 2021
Started using this plugin a few days back and I am in love with it. I like the features it supports. Especially because I use OBS to stream content onto my wordpress site, this makes it super easy to share streams with my viewers. Great plugin, great work!
2 de septiembre de 2021
It's an amazing, effective and easy to use plugin for wordpress. It has been incredibly useful for our company, a real game-changer! From now on, we will use it for all of our livestreaming events! Great for Lockout Media
12 de agosto de 2021
WOW! What an amazing plugin and service. We could not run our live streaming now without this interface, we reach 1000's more each week just because of this interface. BRAVO! keep up this amazing development
13 de octubre de 2021
Left message in support forum regarding your service, or lack thereof. Don't use your theme and therein lies the problem. PeepSo is used here, very happy with their product and WpStream breaks it. Disable WpStream, PeepSo works like a champ. Initial ticket submitted to PeepSo thinking it was their issue. They identified issue, actually called out exact module that nukes PeepSo and submitted all to you folks in ticket thinking it would help. As stated in support forum, crickets on your end. Update, sorry forgot to upgrade rating after support handled issue. Will say it did take coming here to get traction going but all good and thanks, Don.
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