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1. Publicar en Telegram

  • 📝 Send posts automatically to Telegram when published or updated
  • 📢 Puedes enviar a un canal de Telegram, grupo, supergrupo o chat privado
  • 👥 Supports multiple Channels/chats
  • 🙂 Has Message Template composer with Emojis
  • ⏳ Compatible con lógica condicional dentro de la plantilla de mensaje
  • 🖼 Supports sending featured image along with the text
  • 🏞 Puedes elegir enviar sólo la Imagen destacada
  • ⏱ Supports scheduled (future) posts
  • 🕰 Los mensajes pueden retrasarse por un intervalo específico
  • ⬜️ You can add an Inline button for the post URL
  • 🛒 Supports WooCommerce products and other Custom Post Types
  • ✒️ Compatible directamente para el envío de campos personalizados
  • 🗃 You can send Custom Taxonomy Terms
  • 📋 Puedes seleccionar los tipos de contenido que se envían
  • ⏲ You can choose when to send (New and/or existing posts)
  • 🎛 Make use of Custom Rules to filter posts by authors, categories, tags, post formats or custom taxonomy terms
  • 🎚 You can override the default settings on post edit page

WP Telegram Pro supports multiple channels based upon category/tag/author/post type etc. and also supports unlimited Reaction buttons.

2. Avisos privados

  • 📧 Get your email notifications on Telegram
  • 🔔 Supports WooCommerce order notifications, Contact Form 7 and other plugin notifications
  • 🔕 Permite a los usuarios recibir sus avisos de correo en Telegram
  • 🔐 Integrado con WP Telegram Login para permitir a los usuarios conectar su Telegram.
  • 🖊 Los usuarios también pueden añadir su ID Chat de Telegram manualmente en la página

3. Proxy

  • 🚫 Si tu hosting bloquea Telegram puedes usar este módulo
  • ✅ Anular la prohibición de Telegram haciendo uso del proxy
  • 🚀 Supports Cloudflare worker as proxy which supports file upload
  • 😍 Opción de usar Google Script como proxy personalizado
  • ❇️ Compatible con todos los proxies compatibles con PHP
  • 🔛 Puedes seleccionar el tipo de Proxy – HTTP, SOCKS4, SOCKS4A, SOCKS5, SOCKS5_HOSTNAME


  • Excelente soporte en vivo desde Telegram
  • Fácil de instalar y configurar para el administrador
  • Totalmente personalizable con acciones y filtros
  • Se puede ampliar con código personalizado
  • Listo para la traducción

Getting Started | Post to Telegram

WooCommerce, CF7 etc. Notifications


El desarrollo se realiza en GitHub y todas las contribuciones son bienvenidas.


¡Muchas gracias a los traductores por el gran trabajo!

Nota: También puedes contribuir a la traducción de este plugin a tu idioma local. Únete al chat (arriba)


  • Ajustes básicos
  • Post To Telegram Settings
  • Post To Telegram Settings (Cont...)
  • Post To Telegram Settings (Cont...)
  • Post To Telegram Settings (Cont...)
  • Private Notifications Settings
  • Private Notifications Settings (Cont...)
  • Ajustes Proxy
  • Ajustes Proxy (Cont...)
  • Ajustes avanzados
  • Página de edición de entradas (Editor clásico)
  • Página de edición de entradas (Editor de bloques)
  • Página de edición de entradas (Editor de bloques)


  1. Sube la carpeta wptelegram al directorio /wp-content/plugins/
  2. Activate the plugin through the Plugins menu in WordPress. After activation, you should see the menu of this plugin the the admin
  3. Configura el plugin.



¿Cómo crear un bot de Telegram?

To create a bot, you need to send /newbot command to @BotFather. After completing the steps @BotFather will provide you the Bot Token, which you can use in plugin settings.

Can I send posts to a private channel/group?

Yes, you need to get the chat ID of the channel or group. For that, you need to message @MyChatInfoBot and follow its instructions to obtain the ID for a channel or group.

What is «Bad request: Chat ID not found» error?

It means either you have entered a wrong chat ID in the settings or you forgot to add your own bot to the group or channel. Some users also enter the bot username instead of the channel username.

What is «Bad Request: wrong file identifier/HTTP URL specified» error?

If you see that error in Bot API log file, it means that there is some problem with your images/files that you are trying to send to Telegram. You can try to disable Send files by URL option in Ajustes avanzados to see if it fixes the issue. More details here.

Why do I see a CURL (Connection refused) error for Test Token?

If your host is in Russia or Iran or it’s a free hosting, your host most likely blocks Telegram. You can activate and set up the Proxy module of the plugin to bypass the ban.

Why posts are not sent to Telegram?

There can be many reasons for that. To better understand the reason, you can enable both the logs in Ajustes avanzados and then try to send the post again, then share the logs with our support on Telegram – @WPTelegramSupport.

Why the posts in block editor are sent to Telegram even when Send to Telegram is OFF?

It may be because you hit update button without makes any changes to the post.

Why posts are duplicated on Telegram?

It can happen because of multiple submit/publish/update requests, for example in block editor. An easy solution would be to set 1 minute delay in posting in Post to Telegram settings.

Posts/Classifieds/Jobs/Products created via front-end submission are not sent to Telegram, why?

The users submitting those posts may not have enough permissions to publish/edit those posts. You can enable Plugin generated posts option in Post to Telegram settings to fix the issue.

Posts created via import plugins are not sent to Telegram, why?

Sending of posts when bulk importing is diabled by default to prevent unintended flooding of Telegram channels. If you want to enable it, you can add this one line to functions.php of your child theme.

add_filter( 'wptelegram_p2tg_send_if_bulk_edit', '__return_true' );

How can I make the post title bold?

You can use *{post_title}* in the template and set Formatting option to Markdown. More details here.

Can I send posts from different categories to different channels/groups?

That is possible only in Pro version.

How do Private Notifications work?

Private Notifications module watches every email that is sent from your WordPress Website. If the address of that email matches the one added in plugin settings, then that email is sent to Telegram on the given chat/group as added in the settings.

How do User Notifications work?

Private Notifications module watches every email that is sent from your WordPress Website. When you enable User Notifications, you need to connect your users’ accounts to their Telegram accounts. Once you do that, then whenever an email is sent to a user, the plugin finds its connected Telegram account and forwards the email to that Telegram account. So, it works for any plugin/system that sends email notifications.

Can I receive WooCommerce order notifications on Telegram?

Yes, all you need to do is to setup Private Notifications module and use the same email there as set in WooCommerce order email settings.

Can I receive Contact Form 7 submissions on Telegram?

Yes, all you need to do is to setup Private Notifications module and use the same email there as set in «To» field of Mail settings section of the Contact Form.


22 de enero de 2023
Hello, I am using wp telegram plugin and I am very satisfied because the support and features of the plugin are excellent
18 de enero de 2023
I have issue with this plugins not working.But developer fast reply really help me.Thanks.The best support and plugins.
13 de diciembre de 2022
I'm faced a problem with this plugin. I asked to the support. really good respond from their side. Well explained and solved the problem.
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  • Fixed nesting error in experimental HTML converter


  • Added the new experimental HTML converter for better formatting of email notifications
  • The new can be enabled using add_filter( 'wptelegram_notify_use_experimental_text', '__return_true' );


  • Fixed PHP warning when not using message thread ID


  • Added support for sending messages to topics with groups
  • Fixed messages not sent when replied-to message is not found


  • Improved the default value for Send to Telegram option on post edit page


  • Fixed PHP warnings in logger


  • Fixed warnings in PHP 8.x


  • Improved logging for better understanding of errors


  • Improved logging options to prevent users from mistakes


  • Fixed PHP error on plugin update
  • Fixed Post to Telegram rule search bug


  • Added «Protect content» option to Post to Telegram.


  • Misc bug fixes
  • Fixed some typos


  • Added override option for Send Featured Image.


  • Fixed posts not sent when Formatting is None


  • Added {post_slug} macro


  • Fixed admin page not shown just after upgrade
  • Fixed multiple empty lines in post content and excerpt


  • Fixed file upload for CloudFlare proxy


  • Added CloudFlare Proxy support 🚀
  • Added {post_type} and {post_type_label} macros


  • Fixed WooCommerce REST API products not sent to Telegram


  • Added explicit filter for post edit switch
  • Further improved logging for better troubleshooting
  • Updated FAQ section
  • Fixed the issue of settings not saved due to trailing slash redirects


  • Fixed the upgrade for Post to Telegram rules
  • Fixed invalid argument error for failed post updates
  • Fixed duplicate posts when using bulk import
  • Fixed i18n for block editor override settings
  • Fixed the Disable Notification settings not being reflected on post edit page


  • Fixed saving empty channels crashing the settings page
  • Fixed «Changes could not be saved» error for old upgrades


  • Fixed the issue of scheduled posts being sent regardless of the overrides.
  • Removed «Post edit switch» from post edit page when disabled.
  • Minor admin UI fixes.


  • Fixed «Send to Telegram» flag not saved for block editor drafts.


  • Fixed the issue of posts being sent from block editor regardless of the rules.
  • Fixed the issue of disabled Test Token button.
  • Fixed the issue of delayed posts not sent.
  • Fixed the empty rules being saved, preventing posts from being sent to Telegram.


  • Fixed wrong template when using CMB2 override settings.


  • Improved logging for better diagnosis
  • Fixed the wrong post data when importing posts
  • Fixed the issue caused by upgrade for fresh installations
  • Fixed the settings not saved issue
  • Fixed the Update failed issue in block editor for drafts
  • Fixed the fatal error for old block editor posts


  • Fixed the issue of posts not sent when using WP CLI


  • Fixed the last messed up update


  • Switched to PHP namespaces
  • Removed CMB2 dependency
  • Improved and changed admin UI to single page
  • Added option for inline button URL source
  • Added option to change the inline button icon
  • Better support for block editor override settings
  • Fixed the YouTube links being stripped out from the content.
  • Minor fixes.