Este plugin no se ha probado con las últimas 3 versiones mayores de WordPress. Puede que ya no tenga soporte ni lo mantenga nadie, o puede que tenga problemas de compatibilidad cuando se usa con las versiones más recientes de WordPress.

Xo for Angular


Xo provides a foundation for both Angular and WordPress developers to use what they know best.

  1. Use WordPress to manage content for pages and posts and let Xo generate your routes dynamically.
  2. Use the Xo API to get pages, posts, menus, options, and more in your Angular app.
  3. Run locally using ng serve for rapid development of new features and updates.
  4. Deploy for production using ng build and distribute your theme with or without the source code.

Getting started with Xo for Angular is easy, find the quick start guides here.

Xo for Angular also provides an extensive customization API provided here.


  1. Install the angular-xo plugin to WordPress.
  2. Add the angular-xo module to your Angular app.
  3. Build something amazing!

Check out the full docs here for tips on adding Template Annotations, Dynamic Routing, Resolvers, and much more!


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Registro de cambios


  • Fix issue preventing plugin activation.


  • Add new breadcrumbs API endpoint.
  • General cleanup of services and classes.


  • Remove errant echo in templates output.


  • Fix issue preventing new pages from saving.
  • Add new API endpoint to retrieve a sitemap of posts and terms.


  • Update menus API endpoint and interfaces.


  • Add new terms get API endpoint.


  • Update admin option descriptions.


  • Minor deployment fix.


  • Add new API endpoint to retrieve post type config.
  • Update styles used in admin options.


  • Fix routes output for posts without rewrite base.


  • Fix issue with SVG icon loading in admin options.


  • Added link target to menu item output.
  • Fix for posts filter API returning results when there is no match.


  • Xo for Angular initial release.