Zoho Mail for WordPress


Zoho Mail for WordPress

El plugin de correo electrónico de Zoho te ayuda a configurar tu cuenta de correo de Zoho en tu sitio WordPress, para enviar correos electrónicos desde tu sitio.
Se recomienda utilizar un servidor autorizado para el envío de correos electrónicos desde sitios web, en lugar de utilizar servidores de alojamiento genéricos. Es posible hacer un mal uso de la configuración no autorizada y no identificada y dañar la reputación de tu dominio/sitio web cuando se utilizan servidores genéricos.
El plugin de Zoho Mail puede ayudar a asegurar que los correos electrónicos sean enviados desde tu cuenta usando las APIs de Zoho Mail.


  • A Zoho Mail Account
  • A self-hosted WordPress site
  • PHP 5.6 or later


  • Zoho Mail plugin makes use of OAuth 2.0 protocol to access Zoho Mail API. This ensures a highly secure authentication process where the Username or password is not stored so cannot be misused.
  • Zoho Mail plugin has customized the PHPMailer’s code library, used in WordPress for sending email.
  • By using ’wp_mail’ function of WordPress, Zoho Mail plugin handles the custom send mail action anywhere from the entire site, without having to change/ configure in every occurrence.


  • Zoho Mail API is authenticated using OAuth 2.0 protocol.
  • You can configure your Zoho Mail account in your website to send email using Zoho Mail API.
  • The emails sent will be available in the corresponding Zoho Mail account’s Sent folder.


  • Client Domain :The domain where your Zoho Account data resides.
  • Client ID :The Client ID of your Zoho Mail API.
  • Client Secret : The Client secret of your API.
  • Authorized Redirect URI : Authorized Redirect URL obtained from your website that is used to create Client ID.
  • From Email Address :The Email address that will be used to send all the outgoing emails from your website.
  • From Name :The Name that will be shown as the display name while sending all emails from your website.


After configuration, you can test the plugin. Navigate to the Zoho Mail – Test Email page in your Website settings.
To : Email address of the recipient.
Subject : Subject of the email.
Content :The message or body of the email.

For in detail instructions on how to set up Zoho Mail plugin, visit Zoho Mail plugin page .
Note :
Sending emails through Zoho Mail is subjective to our Usage Policy restrictions. Please refer to our Usage Policy details here.


  • Configure Account(screenshot-1.png)
  • Test Mail(screenshot-2.png)


1) Login to your self-hosted WordPress account and navigate to the Zoho Mail plugin Account Configuration page.
2) Copy the Authorized Redirect URI from the configuration page.
3) Login to your Zoho Mail account and access the Zoho Mail Developer Console .
4) Click Add Client ID and provide the Client Name , Client Domain and the Authorized Redirect URI to generate a new OAuth Client ID and Client secret.Enter the generated Client ID and Client Secret in the Account configuration page.
5) Enter the From Email Address and From Name.
6) Click Authorize .
7) An authorization screen is displayed.
8) Click the Accept button to allow access of data from your Zoho Account.
9) Once the authentication process is done, Zoho Mail Plugin will be able to send emails from your website using Zoho Mail


Can I send the email via ZohoMail from my website using this plugin?

Where do I go for help with any issues?

In case, you are not sure on how to proceed with the Zoho Mail plugin, feel free to contact support@zohomail.com.

What should I do if I get ‘Invalid Client Secret’ issue?

  • While configuring your plugin, ensure you have entered the correct information in the Domain field. Select the region in which your Zoho account is hosted (in, com etc).
    • Verify if the Client ID and Client Secret used in the configuration page matches with the Client created for the plugin in Zoho Developer Console.
    • If all the above-given troubleshooting methods do not resolve the issue, reach out to our Customer support (support@zohomail.com) with the screenshot of the configuration settings page for a solution.


26 de septiembre de 2020
This is the only plugin you need to be able to send emails from WordPress if Zoho Mail is your email service provider.
15 de junio de 2020
I like it! Finally fast email receiving from slow webhosting, great idea!!!
30 de mayo de 2020
I ran into several issues trying to make the plug in to work and even after contacting support which wasn't so helpful couldn't make it work. Got an error message "Invalid From Address", then tried a few times the same address which was the right one since the beginning then the plug in decided to work all of the sudden. The next very day I went to test the email to see and why I couldn't receive the message again and there was another error where email test couldn't be sent. I just gave up. The troubleshoot options available don't do any troubleshooting when you actually need it.
26 de mayo de 2020
It increased our email delivery reputation from 6/10 to 10/10 according to mail-tester.com because our hosting email server was so bad. Thank you Zoho 🙂
24 de diciembre de 2019
I prefer using Zoho to Google, and this plugin allows me to continue to receive email even when the web server might be down (the most important reason for using a third-party email service). I've had no issues with my website whatsoever. Email gets sent and arrives as expected. Well done.
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  • Added notification for successfull authentication while configuring.
  • Empty configuration form issue has been handled.
  • Support for html content type.
  • Issue fix for Back end font problem.



  • support for customizable From Name in configuration.


  • support for Bcc email field
  • Fixed an issue related to style
  • Zoho Mail logo change
  • Fix for Support – Support html content type in mails


  • support for .in region
  • Bug Fix for .com region



  • Security Update


  • WooCommerce Fix for replyTo


  • Support for .com.cn region


  • Support third party extension from name


  • Support for attachments


  • Fix for Invalid Client Secret issue


  • Fix for Missing scope issue while authentication


  • Fix for .cn region


  • Fix for Invalid From Address



  • Support for .com.au region



  • Attachment fix


  • Supporting special characters in From Name.


  • Adding troubleshooting inside plugin.


  • Providing option for default content type.