Este plugin no se ha probado con las últimas 3 versiones mayores de WordPress. Puede que ya no tenga soporte ni lo mantenga nadie, o puede que tenga problemas de compatibilidad cuando se usa con las versiones más recientes de WordPress.

Block Navigation



Block Navigation provides a sidebar with the current post/page’s blocks and some tools to facilitate the editing process in the new Gutenberg editor.


The features are especially useful for nested blocks – blocks that are inside parent blocks which are difficult to select or move in the editor.

Inside the panel several utilities are included to enhance the UX, such as:

  • Dragging blocks to a different location
  • Moving blocks by click
  • Selecting blocks
  • Easily recognising the block from a small snippet of the block’s content

The user can select a dark or light color scheme, from the multiple included.

Plugin and Theme developers

The plugin also provides some features for Plugin and Theme developers, such as:

  • Click and Copy the block’s clientId
  • Click to console.log helpful data from the block


Inside the Post editor on the right side of the top Block’s Toolbar the plugin icon/button should appear (if not, please read the FAQ below).
Click the icon/button to open the plugin sidebar.


Las imágenes del banner del archivo «readme» y las capturas de pantalla pertenecen a Charles Postiaux.


  • Vista principal, esquema oscuro.
  • Arrastrando un bloque a una posición diferente.
  • Block menu.
  • Lista de los esquemas de color disponibles, claro y oscuro.


Instalación desde la administración de WordPress.

  1. Accede a la administración de WordPress y navega a «Plugins > Añadir nuevo».
  2. Escribe «Block Navigation» en el campo de búsqueda.
  3. En la lista de resultados, debería aparecer «Block Navigation». Haz clic en el botón «Instalar ahora».
  4. Una vez finalizada la instalación, haz clic en el botón «Activar».
  5. Eso es todo. Ahora puedes ir a cualquier entrada en la que Gutenberg esté activo y empezar a usar el plugin.


No veo el icono del plugin en el editor de entradas

Como alternativa, el plugin puede ser abierto desde el botón «Mostrar más» (el icono de 3 puntos a la derecha de la barra superior del editor).
Haz clic en el botón «Mostrar más» y, dentro de la lista del menú, haz clic en el nombre del plugin «Block Navigation».


15 de enero de 2023
Thank you very much for the plugin. Default list view makes me crazy especially the «Move to». I wonder why this is not built-in.
16 de diciembre de 2022
A great little plugin that improves greatly block navigation and, super important, blocks movement. Put a block into another block precisely is so important.
15 de febrero de 2022
This is one of the best Gutenberg Builder Add-ons I’ve seen so far. Great tool that compensates the lack of an block overview feature in the Gutenberg Builder itself. Hope this will become part of Gutenberg sooner or later.
9 de diciembre de 2021
I learned about this from the Kadence WP tutorial on YouTube. They need to make a Pro version of this plugin so I can buy it! I absolutely love it, and it’s smooth. I just downloaded it and it works amazingly so far. So glad you made this plugin, and I can’t believe it’s free! Gutenburg needed something like this badly! Thanks!
7 de octubre de 2021
Coming from Elementor I think that a navigator is a really helpful feature for a pagebuilder. Per default Gutenberg unfortunately does not provide such feature. This is where this plugin comes in very handy.
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Colaboradores y desarrolladores

«Block Navigation» es un software de código abierto. Las siguientes personas han colaborado con este plugin.


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Registro de cambios


  • Fixed incompatibility with some custom blocks


  • Minor fixes for WP 5.9
  • Updated dependencies


  • Minor style fixes


  • Code base refactor for improved performance
  • Fixed WP 5.8 incompatibility of the drag-and-drop functionality
  • Added duplicate button in block menu
  • Display block variant icon and name when there is no block content
  • Added toggle all blocks button
  • Small style improvements


  • Added a temporary patch for WP 5.8 drop event


  • Fixed bug in WP 5.7, drop events not being triggered
  • Updated dependencies


  • Fixed a style bug with Gutenberg 9.8
  • Updated dependencies


  • Updated dependencies


  • Fixed bug in icon used to register the plugin


  • Added «Detached position» setting
  • Added «Block info displayed» setting
  • Added «Developer mode» setting
  • Extended the list of blocks that display content
  • CSS and JS small fixes and improvements


  • Added detach mode
  • Added WordPress admin color scheme
  • Updated dependencies


  • Added «Remove Block» button in block menu
  • Updated dependencies


  • Major refactor
  • Updated dependencies


  • Fixed text being selected on drag
  • Fixed images being able to be dragged
  • Updated dependencies


  • Major refactor. Use of react hooks, load an old version of the plugin for WP 5.2
  • Use of a virtual list to improve performance (specially when dragging)
  • Blocks can be dropped as a children of an empty nestable block
  • Overall improvement in the UX
  • The scrollTop position will update based on the current selected block


  • Blocks that are nestable (like columns) now retain their collapsed/expanded state, after closing and re-opening the plugin sidebar or after collapsing an ancestor block.
  • Reusable blocks now show their title, so they are more easy to identify.


  • Minor bugfixes.


  • Improved moving blocks UX (both by drag and by click).
  • Added the filter «blockNavigation.addBlockContentAttributePath» for developers to include their own block type content.
  • Updated the UI.
  • Rebuilt code, migrated JavaScript to TypeScript.
  • Raised minimum WordPress version to 5.2 to make use of block-editor package.


  • Cleaned console log output and added «attributes-available».
  • Fixed castaña scheme dark color.
  • Updated cover block and added media-text block.
  • Small typo and bug fixes.


  • Make use of Rich Text WordPress package.
  • Small typo and bug fixes.


  • Added Development Mode. Currently it adds two extra actions inside each Block’s menu: Copy the Block clientId to the Clipboard and Log to the browser’s console some helpful Block related data.
  • Al hacer clic en un bloque ya seleccionado, se cancela la selección.


  • Corregido un fallo con la variable de jQuery
  • Actualizado el logotipo al formato SVG
  • Corregido el nombre de los esquemas


  • Versión inicial.