Gutenberg Block Library & Toolkit – Editor Plus


Editor Plus extends Gutenberg editor with block, advanced design controls, typography, icons, Shape Divider, animations and many more features.

Gutenberg Block Library & Toolkit – Editor Plus

EditorPlus amplía el editor Gutenberg con controles de diseño avanzados, tipografía, iconos, divisor de forma, animaciones y muchas más características.

Diseña mejores páginas en el editor Gutenberg, más rápido.

Editor de estilo NoCode para WordPress

Customize Gutenberg blocks visually without code. Add background, adjust size, apply spacing and more. Supercharge Gutenberg Editor!

⚡️ Animation

✏️ Typography

📐 Espaciado

🖼 Borde

🏞 Fondo

❑ Sombra de caja

👀 Visibilidad

🌈 Shape Divider

💎 Icons

🔜 Se añadirán más características.

⭐️ Todos estos estilos pueden ser ajustados para ser adaptables (escritorio, tableta y móvil) ¡y al pasar el cursor!

Editor de CSS personalizado para usuarios avanzados

También puedes escribir tu código CSS personalizado. La caja de código CSS personalizado estará disponible para todos los bloques del núcleo de Gutenberg, así como a través del área de administración del plugin para escribir el CSS global que se aplica en toda tu web (incluyendo la pantalla del editor Gutenberg).

🧱 Missing Gutenberg Blocks 🧱

Missing a block from WordPress block editor? We feel that and have added a bunch of useful blocks that are missing in the core. Here is a list of available blocks.

  • Tabs Block
  • Accordion Block / Toggle Block
  • Icon Block
  • Rating Block
  • Progress Bar Block
  • Stats Block / Counter Block
  • Countdown Timer Block

If you want to suggest a block, please feel free to do that via the support forum.

🔥 Add Blocks from Block Library at GutenbergHub 🔥

Need a block? Search from the Gutenberg Blocks Directory at GutenbergHub and copy one to your website using the blocks page from the EditorPlus admin area.

🛠 Create Custom WordPress Blocks 🛠

Editor Plus provides the easiest way to create a custom WordPress block visually without any custom coding skills required. Build a block inside Gutenberg editor using core blocks + Editor Plus!

⚡️ Add Animation in Gutenberg WordPress ⚡️

Now you can easily animate your content in WordPress Block Editor. You can easily and visually create animation effects by just a few clicks. No custom CSS code required. Best of all we are not using any custom CSS library for creating these animations, we are using optimized custom code behind the scene.

Following animation effects currently available:

  • Fade
  • Slide
  • Bounce
  • Zoom
  • Flip
  • Fold
  • Roll

✏️ Tweak Content Typography in Gutenberg WordPress

Now it is super easy to tweak your content Typography in Gutenberg WordPress Editor using the Editor Plus plugin. 😮

You can easily adjust the following font properties visually using the «Typography» panel available for content blocks.

  • Font Weight
  • Font Style
  • Font Size
  • Letter Spacing
  • Line Height
  • Color

And as Editor Plus allows you to tweak these options for Responsive and Hover, this makes it easier for you to adjust your typography for mobile & tablet differently.

💎 Add Icons anywhere (RichText) in Gutenberg Editor 💎

Need to insert an icon? EditorPlus brings icons integration that enables you to insert icons anywhere where you can insert text. You can add icons to paragraphs, headlines, buttons, or any other place where you can write text in the editor. Additionally, you can also apply a background color, add a border, and set border-radius to the icons. Currently, we’ve included Font Awesome and Icon Moon icon libraries, but, we may add more in the future.

🌈 Add Nice SVG Shape Dividers in Gutenberg Editor 🌈

SVG shape dividers or separators add a nice visual effect to your section or content. Now you can easily add and customize it in Gutenberg WordPress Editor. Currently supported on the following blocks:

  • Cover Block
  • Columns Block & inner Column Block
  • Group Block

As it is available for the Group block means you can simply group any block(s) content and add a shape divider to the group.

🦸‍♂️ Be a Pro – Copy & Paste Block Styles & Responsive Visual Editing 🦸‍♂️

Starting with Editor Plus v1.6.0, now you can copy a block style and paste it to another block with a click quickly. You do not need to re-style the same thing again and again.

This release also improved responsive editing features by synchronizing the responsive previewer window.

Hay más por llegar, permanece atento.

Se han planeado más características y mejoras interesantes para el editor Gutenberg de WordPress. Permanece atento a las actualizaciones. 😇


  • Fondo (sólido, degradado, imagen)
  • Sombra de caja
  • Borde y radio del borde
  • Espaciado (margen y relleno)


Este plugin proporciona 7 bloques.

  • Gutenberg Block Library & Toolkit - Editor Plus
  • Tab Item
  • Gutenberg Block Library & Toolkit - Editor Plus
  • Gutenberg Block Library & Toolkit - Editor Plus
  • Gutenberg Block Library & Toolkit - Editor Plus
  • Gutenberg Block Library & Toolkit - Editor Plus
  • Gutenberg Block Library & Toolkit - Editor Plus


  1. Sube toda la carpeta del plugin al directorio /wp-content/plugins/.
  2. Activa el plugin a través del menú «Plugins» en WordPress.

Una vez activado, verás nuevas opciones de estilo para todos los bloques del núcleo en el editor Gutenberg.

Asegúrate de revisar el área de administración del plugin para los ajustes de configuración.


20 de enero de 2021
Several issues and missing features prevent me from using it in production, and it isn't yet a substitute for the most common page builder features, but it looks very promising! Had to revise rating after discovering that Editor Plus does not make all options universally available. It does not add any options to blocks added by other plugins. I've never built a site that needs all the features E+ adds that only uses core blocks. And even when it comes to core blocks, not all features are necessarily present. For example, there are no typography options for blockquotes.
23 de diciembre de 2020
even though i would prefer it not to use jquery, this is a great and a must have plugin to the gutenberg era. it actually should have been a built in feature of gutenberg.
16 de noviembre de 2020
Have been using it for more than 6 months because I love the new editor(from the 6th of December 2018 , WordPress 5.0 - Gutenberg is a plugin now). It adds and continues to add so many features missing in the post editor & in the last couple of updates ,blocks, that I can't work without it. Plus they are constantly "polished".It makes my workflow a pure pleasure. And if you accidentally encounter any issue, developer Munir Kamal will help you right away via the support forum. I know that from first hand! Highly recommend it!
5 de noviembre de 2020
The Editor Plus addon for Gutenberg is pretty amazing. Gutenberg is very inconsistent on what options it has for the different blocks, like margin, padding, colors, typography, etc. This plugin fills in the gaps and makes the core blocks much more usable.
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Registro de cambios

=2.5.0 (29 Dec 2020)
* New: Columns Block Extended with Layout Variation Picker, Responsive Columns, Columns Order and more.
* Fixed: Bugs

=2.4.0 (8 Dec 2020)
* New: Button Block Extended with icon and more styling options
* New: Image Block Extended with image shape styling
* Added: WordPress 5.6 Compatibility
* Fixed: Custom Post Type Support Issue
* Fixed: CSS Class issue
* Fixed: Other Bugs

=2.3.0 (2 Dec 2020)
* New: «Extend Core Blocks» Extension
* New: List Block Extended with icon and more styling options
* Added: Background Attachment Option
* Added: Background Placement Option
* Added: Option to Insert Background Image via Url
* Fixed: Bugs

=2.2.0 (13 Nov 2020)
* Added: Options to controls Sizing, Columns, Alignment in toggle block
* Added: Bottom Position and Autoplay Control In Tab Block
* Added: Link Support for lottie Block
* Added: Option to toggle suffix text and title in Rating Block
* Fixed: Bugs
* Performance Boosted – Optimized options performance inside the editor.

=2.1.0 (5 Nov 2020)
* Improved: All Controls UI
* Fixed: Bugs

=2.0.0 (28 Oct 2020)
* New: Countdown Block
* New: Counter Block
* New: Rating Block
* New: Toggle Block
* New: Tabs Block
* New: Icon Block
* New: Progress Bar Block
* Fixed: Bugs

=1.9.2 (20 Oct 2020)
* New: Save as custom block feature
* Fixed: Bugs

=1.9.1 (07 Oct 2020)
* Fixed: Bugs

=1.9.0 (03 Oct 2020)
* New: Animation Extension
* Improved: Custom Css Feature
* Improved: Static Css File Generation

=1.8.2 (16 Sep 2020)
* Fixed: Icons Visibility Issue

=1.8.1 (16 Sep 2020)
* Fixed: Bugs that breaks media blocks

=1.8.0 (15 Sep 2020)
* Added: Static Minified CSS File Generation
* Fixed: Conflicts With Reusable Blocks Extended & Pattern Builder Plugins
* Optimized: Assets Loading
* Improved: CSS Minified

=1.7.0 (05 Sep 2020)
* New: Typography options.
* Added: Max Width & Max Height Options under sizing panel.
* Improved: Dimension Controls to accept ‘auto’ value.
* Fixed: Bug that was breaking the editor some times.

=1.6.0 (17 Aug 2020)
* New: Copy & Paste Blocks Styles with a click
* New: Live Visual Responsive Editing

=1.5.0 (15 Aug 2020)
* Fixed: Bugs

=1.4.0 (05 Aug 2020)
* Added: Shape Divider Feaure
* Bug Fixes & improvements

=1.3.0 (16 July 2020)
* Added: Icons Extension
* Bug Fixes & improvements

=1.2.0 (11 July 2020)
* Added: Blocks Extension
* Bug Fixes & improvements

* Añadido: Editor de CSS personalizado
* Añadido: Propiedad de desbordamiento en el panel adicional
* Añadido: propiedad z-index en el panel adicional
* Correción de fallos


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