WebRTC based Scalable, High Performance, Open source web conferencing system. Using this plugin, you will be able to load the plugNmeet-client interface directly within your WordPress site. You will not be redirected to a third-party website. You will also be able to easily customize the conference room interface.


  • Compatible with all devices. Browser recommendation: Google Chrome, Firefox. For iOS: Safari.
  • WebRTC based secured & encrypted communication.
  • Scalable and high performance system written in Go programming language which made it possible to distributed as a single binary file!
  • Simulcast and Dynacast features will allow you to continue online conferencing even if your internet connection is slow! Supported video codecs: H264, VP8 and AV1.
  • Easy integration with any existing website or system.
  • Easy customization with functionality, URL, logo, and branding colors.
  • HD audio, video call and Screen sharing. Virtual background for webcams.
  • Shared notepad and Whiteboard for live collaboration. Can upload, draw & share various office file (pdf, docx, pptx, xlsx, txt etc.) in whiteboard directly.
  • Easy to use Polls & voting.
  • Customizable waiting room.
  • Various Lock & control settings.
  • Easy to configurable Breakout rooms
  • Raise hand.
  • Public & private chatting with File sharing.
  • MP4 Recordings.
  • RTMP Broadcasting


  • Whiteboard
  • Shared notepad


  1. Server setup:
  2. Plugin configuration:


How to use shortcode?

After create room save it. Now enter to re-edit. You’ll get shortcode there.

How to setup server?

Please follow this article:


9 de noviembre de 2022 1 respuesta
This could be an awesome plugin, hence the two stars. However the WordPress version is processed on a demo server that only sometimes works. There aren't any instructions available for the average person to find/activate another server. Therefore your meeting may take place or it may not. It's probably a super program run from a self hosted server but for most of us using WordPress that is not an option. Oh well, it's a great looking plugin though.
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  • auto recording + playback recording
  • new permission setting


  • Bump Plug-N-Meet PHP SDK to v1.1.0

Note: Require plugNmeet-server v1.2.2 or later


  • feat: load client from remote


  • refact: frontend enhancement
  • Update client to v1.1.6


  • feat: Display external link features
  • Update client to v1.1.5


  • new server’s compatibility
  • Feat: Breakout rooms + room duration
  • Feat: Polls & private chat


  • new server’s compatibility


  • impl: new design customization


  • impl: Lock settings for whiteboard & shared notepad
  • Can set video_codec
  • Can set resolution for webcam & share screen
  • Improvement in design customization


  • Feat: Interface customization
  • But fixed & improvement


  • Feat: Whiteboard & Shared notepad
  • But fixed & improvement


  • But fixed & improvement


  • Initial release