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Transfiere fácilmente tu sitio WordPress a un nuevo alojamiento/servidor/dominio

  • Move single-site installation to another single site server.
  • Move WP single-site to existing multisite sub-site.
  • Migrate subsite to another multisite sub-site.
  • Migrate multisite sub-site to single-site.
  • Migrate within WordPress admin.
  • WordPress backup and restore packages within single-site or multisite.
  • Backup WordPress subsite (in multisite).
  • You can backup the WordPress database within admin before testing something and restore it with one click.
  • Cross-platform compatible (Nginx / Apache / Litespeed / Microsoft IIS / Localhost).
  • Clone single site and restore it to any server.
  • Clone subsite in multisite and restore it as single-site or multisite.
  • Es compatible con multisitios heredados.
  • Debug package.
  • Supports backup of the non-UTF8 single-site or multisite database.

PRO Features

  • Save tons of time during migration with the direct site to site package transfer.
  • Move the backup location outside WordPress public directory for better security.
  • Migrate or backup WordPress multisite main site.
  • Encrypt WordPress database in backups for maximum data privacy.
  • Encrypt WordPress upload files inside backup for better security.
  • Encrypt plugin and theme files inside the backup/package for protection.
  • Export and restore the backup package from Dropbox.
  • Guarda y restaura paquetes desde y hacia Google Drive.
  • Exclude plugins from the backup (or network activated plugins if multisite).
  • Exclude upload directory files from the backup to reduce the package size.
  • Create a new multisite subsite with a specific blog ID.
  • Disable network maintenance in multisite so only affected subsite is in maintenance mode.
  • Configure migration parameters to optimize and tweak backup/migration packages.
  • It includes all complete restoration options at your own choice and convenience.
  • Full access to settings screen to manage all basic and plugin advanced configurations.
  • Migrate non-UTF8 database charset to standard UTF8 database charset (utf8mb4).
  • Migrate UTF8 database charset (utf8mb4) to non-UTF8 database charset (edge case scenario).



  • Herramientas de migración de un solo sitio
  • Diálogo de opciones de exportación
  • Ejemplo de exportación a formato de sitio único
  • Ejemplo al exportar un subsitio de multisitio con un blog ID de 23
  • Restaurar el paquete a través de la subida del navegador
  • Gestor de paquetes de un solo sitio
  • Panel de control Prime Mover de la red
  • Exporta y restaura el paquete desde los sitios de la red
  • Gestor de paquetes en red multisitio


  1. Upload to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress
  3. Optionally, opt in to security & feature updates notification including non-sensitive diagnostic tracking with freemius.com. If you skip this, that’s okay! Prime Mover will still work just fine.
  4. You should see the Prime Mover Control Panel. Click «Go to Migration Tools» to start migrating sites.


What makes Prime Mover unique to other existing migration and backup plugins?

  • The free version has no restriction on package size, number of websites or mode of migration (single-site or multisite will work). (Note: Exporting/Restoring a multisite main site is a PRO feature)
  • The free version supports WordPress multisite migration on any number of subsites except that exporting/restoring the multisite main site is a PRO feature.
  • Puede hacer una copia de seguridad de los subsitios de WordPress o migrar un multisitio.
  • No need to delete your WordPress installation, create/delete the database, and all other technical stuff. It will save you a lot of time.
  • This is not hosting-dependent. Prime Mover is designed to work with any hosting companies you want to work with.
  • The free version has full multisite migration functionality. This feature is usually missing in most migration plugins free version.
  • Full versatility – migrating from your localhost, dev site, or from a live site to another live site.
  • You will be doing the entire migration inside the WordPress admin. Anyone with administrator access can do it. There is no need to hire a freelancer to do the job – saves you money.
  • No messing with complicated migration settings, the free version has built-in settings. Only choose a few options to export and migrate, that’s it.
  • You can save, download, delete, and migrate packages using the management page.
  • No need to worry about PHP configuration and server settings. Compatible with most default PHP server settings even in limited shared hosting.
  • Prime Mover funciona con las versiones modernas de PHP 5.6 a 8.0+ (la característica de Google Drive requiere al menos PHP 7.0).
  • The code is following PHP-fig coding standards (standard PHP coding guidelines).
  • The free version supports backup and restoration of non-UTF8 sites. However, you need the PRO version to migrate non-UTF8 to the UTF8 (utf8mb4) database charset and vice versa.
  • You don’t need to worry about setting up users or changing user passwords after migration. It does not overwrite existing site users after migration.

For more common questions, please read the plugin FAQ listed in the developer site.


30 de noviembre de 2022 1 respuesta
I had an issue restoring a package so I reached out to support and they went above and beyond to solve the issue within a timely manner. Definitely recommend this plugin!
27 de noviembre de 2022 1 respuesta
I have spend almost a week debugging a multisite migration problem. Other plugins in the past were cumbersome. So I was a bit skeptical. But it definitely is worth 5 stars. I had spammed my hosting provider in pure frustration. This solution is one that should be in the helpdesk knowledge base etc. The install of this plugin was simple and clean. No difficult questions in order to fine tune the process. The process took less then 20 minutes! It is also a great backup tool. After completing the process, it gave me a permalink that instantly worked. Conclusion, very good and worth buying.
4 de octubre de 2022 1 respuesta
A lot of my websites are quite massive and difficult to pullout as they're in a multisite format, which makes it tricky to get all of the tables. This has helped me make demo sites I can show others a fairly straightforward process. I really appreciate the effort and generosity of the author to provide this freely for others to use.
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  • Fixed: Migration issues with sites using different database charsets.
  • Fixed: Missing language folders during migration.
  • Fixed: PHP 8.0 errors on MySQLDump class.
  • Fixed: Corrupted migration with non-UTF8 WordPress sites.
  • Fixed: Incorrect database charset used when exporting UTF8 sites.
  • Fixed: Runtime error on theme restore due to file permission issues.
  • Fixed: Runtime error on uploads restore due to permission issues.
  • Fixed: Runtime error on plugins restore due to file permission issues.
  • Fixed: Plugin deactivated when switching to non-permissive theme.
  • Fixed: Stalled import due to incorrect admin capabilities of source site.
  • Fixed: Unhandled WP_Error during plugins restore.
  • Feature: Added force UTF8 database dump feature on non-UTF database sites.
  • Feature: Supported migration from non-UTF8 sites to UTF8 charset.
  • Compatibility: Tested for WordPress 6.1 release.


  • Fixed: Double search replacement caused by relative content URL scheme.
  • Fixed: Compatibility issues with WPCS.IO environment.
  • Fixed: PHP 8.0 runtime error on sprintf search-replace call.
  • Fixed: MySQL errors when dropping tables during restore.
  • Fixed: Non-existing sites error when loading sites in multisite package manager.


  • Fixed: Compatibility issues with Bitnami WordPress virtual machine.
  • Fixed: Canonical upload directory path issues during restore.
  • Fixed: Incomplete migration logs.
  • Fixed: Incorrect plugin paths for adding plugin headers to cache.
  • Fixed: Prime Mover creating wrong export directories during restore.
  • Fixed: Disable heartbeat API only on locked Prime Mover processes.
  • Fixed: Foreign constraint key exceeding 64 character limit.

See the previous changelogs in changelog.txt.