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Crea cursos, lecciones y cuestionarios en línea bonitos y atractivos.

Sensei LMS is a powerful learning management plugin from Automattic, the company behind, WooCommerce, and Jetpack. At Automattic, we use Sensei LMS to power all our employee training courses.

Share your knowledge and teach freely with Sensei LMS!

Potentes características de LMS

  • Seamlessly integrate Sensei LMS into your WordPress site. Sensei LMS looks great with any theme and can be customized to match your branding and style.
  • Create engaging courses with the WordPress Block Editor, fully utilized by Sensei’s free Course Theme.
  • Enable Modo de aprendizaje for an immersive distraction-free learning experience.
  • Haz seguimiento del progreso y rendimiento de los estudiantes con informes detallados.
  • Incrusta vídeos desde YouTube, Vimeo y VideoPress para cursos basados en vídeo.
  • Añade el bloque de lista de cursos a cualquier página o entrada para mostrar los cursos disponibles.

Create effective quizzes

Quizzes are a powerful way to improve your students’ understanding of key concepts and track their progress. Select from various quiz question types and settings, such as multiple-choice, fill-in-the-blank, true/false, free response, file uploads, and more.

Showcase your courses

Submit your course to Sensei LMS’ public course showcase at Sensei LMS’ course showcase allows you to reach new audiences to expand your course’s visibility.

Discover the power of Sensei Pro

Realize the full potential of your courses with Sensei Pro.

Integración con WooCommerce: Pon un precio y vende cursos sin esfuerzo con solo unos pocos clics. Sensei Pro se integra perfectamente también con las extensiones WooCommerce Subscriptions, Payments, Memberships y Affiliates.

Scheduled Content Drip: Control the pacing of lessons in your courses by specifying when students can access lesson content at fixed intervals after starting the course or on a particular date.

Immersive Interactive Blocks: Enrich your lessons, pages, or posts with engaging videos, flashcards, image hotspots, and task lists.

Enhanced Quiz Features: Set a quiz timer and incorporate an ordering quiz question type. With Sensei LMS Pro, you can include individual quiz questions in any WordPress content, not just quizzes.

Grupos y seguidores fáciles: Organiza a los estudiantes en grupos y seguidores para gestionar el acceso y personalizar sus experiencias de aprendizaje.

Periodos de acceso al curso: Define una fecha de inicio y una cantidad de tiempo en el que los cursos seguirán estando disponibles para los estudiantes.

Conditional Content: Personalize the learning journey by hiding or showing lessons and content based on groups, enrollment status, and date.

Dedicated Priority Support: Our team of expert and friendly engineers is always available to provide assistance and ensure your success!

Flashcards: Add text, videos, images, embeds, and more to both sides of the flashcard block type.

Co-Teachers: Share course ownership with co-teachers who can edit course settings, lessons, and quizzes.

Aprende más sobre Sensei Pro.

Extensiones gratuitas

Certificates: Genera automáticamente bonitos certificados descargables en PDF para los estudiantes cuando completen un curso.

Aprende más sobre Sensei LMS Certificates.

Medios y adjuntos: Sube medios y archivos como PDFs a un área separada de subidas de tu curso o lección.

Aprende más sobre Sensei LMS Media Attachments.

Post To Course Creator: Crea cursos rápidamente convirtiendo entradas actuales en lecciones de un curso en solo unos pocos clics.

Aprende más sobre Sensei LMS Post To Course Creator.


  • Editor de cursos
  • Editor de lecciones
  • Modo de aprendizaje
  • Editor de cuestionarios


Este plugin proporciona 3 bloques.

  • Sensei LMS - Online Courses, Quizzes, & Learning
  • Sensei LMS - Online Courses, Quizzes, & Learning
  • Sensei LMS - Online Courses, Quizzes, & Learning


Instalación automática

  1. Accede al escritorio de tu WordPress y ve a Plugins > Añadir nuevo.
  2. Introduce «Sensei LMS» en el campo de búsqueda.
  3. Una vez hayas localizado el plugin, haz clic en Instalar ahora.
  4. Haz clic en Activar.
  5. Configura los ajustes dirigiéndote a Sensei LMS > Ajustes.

Instalación manual

  1. Descarga el archivo del plugin a tu ordenador y descomprímelo.
  2. Utilizando un programa FTP o el panel de control de tu alojamiento, sube la carpeta del plugin descomprimido al directorio wp-content/plugins/ de tu instalación de WordPress en el servidor.
  3. Accede a tu escritorio de WordPress y activa el plugin desde el menú Plugins.
  4. Configura los ajustes dirigiéndote a Sensei LMS > Ajustes.


¿Dónde puedo obtener soporte para Sensei LMS?

Para el plugin gratuito, por favor, usa los foros de soporte para cualquier pregunta que tengas. Vigilamos regularmente los foros y responderemos lo más pronto que podamos.

También puedes revisar nuestra documentación en la web para más guías, tutoriales y otra información valiosa.

¿Dónde puedo informar de fallos o contribuir a mejoras para el plugin?

Sensei se desarrolla en público en Github. Invitamos a cualquiera a informar de un error, enviar una solicitud de publicación y seguir nuestro progreso.

Visita Sensei LMS en Github.

¿Funciona Sensei con plugins de membresía?

Sensei LMS se puede usar en conjunto con Sensei Pro y WooCommerce Memberships para permitirte vender cursos como parte de un plan de membresía. Mira el artículo sobre vender cursos como una membresía para más detalles.

¿Cómo puedo estar al día de nuevas versiones y anuncios de Sensei LMS?

Por favor, visita el blog de Sensei o apúntate a nuestra lista de correo.

How can I include my courses in the Sensei LMS showcase?

To find out how to submit a course to the Sensei LMS showcase, and the requirements, please see our documentation on the Course Showcase.

Does Sensei support live courses, Zoom integration, or webinars?

Yes! You can add links to Zoom, Google Meet, or whatever platform you choose in a course lesson. In addition, Sensei includes a meeting lesson layout you can select when creating a new lesson to help make this even easier.

Does Sensei work in WordPress Multisite?

Sensei LMS works great in WordPress Multisite. Although a Sensei Pro license covers only one site, the Sensei Agency plan permits the activation of Sensei Pro on up to 20 sites. If you use or plan to use Sensei Pro on a Multisite with more than 20 sites, please get in touch for custom pricing.

How can I sell courses as part of a membership?

Sensei LMS is compatible with Sensei Pro and WooCommerce Memberships, enabling you to sell courses as part of a membership plan.

See Selling Courses as a Membership for more details.

Does Sensei work in my language

Community members have translated the free Sensei LMS plugin into 18 languages, while Sensei Pro has been professionally translated into 16 languages. We welcome contributions to improve even more.


13 de julio de 2023 1 respuesta
I like the functionality but unless you simply accept the fact support considers ANY request for help changing the default colors as “beyond the scope of support” you’re never going to get along with it. Sure there are “some” tools to help change colors but as of todays date there is no tool to change the ugly greenish color of the “Complete Lesson” or “Take Quiz” button or even change the color of the button text. You’ll also notice the defacto, “it must be a conflict with your theme” excuse thrown around constantly. Frankly in my tests these issues exist in their theme too. It doesn’t matter if using the free or paid version. The support is useless. Which makes this LMS an option only for those who are developers themselves and not teachers or educational businesses. It doesn’t deserve the 1 star I gave it.
5 de julio de 2023 1 respuesta
You should make this plugin compatible with Elementor and other builders asap. The included theme is ugly and not customizable, and if you should pay for a theme to use this, then you are in the themes business not in the LMS field.
17 de mayo de 2023 3 respuestas
Why on earth would they set this plugin up to be used with a 1-star wordpress feature, Guttenberg, so highly disliked by wordpress users? It makes it very tedious and time consuming to use, and also not user friendly at all.
7 de febrero de 2023 1 respuesta
I tried few weeks ago, Sensei and Learn Dash (premium version of both) and finally choose Sensei. Both are very similar but Sensei has interactive blocks that make the difference. Sensei sell the interactive blocks alone, so I installed interactive blocks in LEarnDash and works very well but I ask me why I should pay more for Learn Dash ($199 plus $49 of interactive blocks) if Sensei is the same ($149), cheaper and has the interactive blocks. I give to Sensei only 4 stars because don't allow integration with forums of BBpress. Sensei has a intermediate solution with native comments but is not the same as a forum system.
16 de enero de 2023 1 respuesta
Excellent plugin, good support and rave reviews. Also, it's great that we can sell courses through WooCommerce (as we should, since they are both part of Automattic). But... The free version should work first, and be useful, and include support. THEN is a good time to ask for an upgrade to the paid version. If the free version doesn't work or needs extra support, there is little incentive to upgrade. Happy users make happy customers. Asking to upgrade before any courses are made is premature.
13 de enero de 2023 1 respuesta
Used Learndash, Learnpress, Lifter LMS etc... but this LMS stands out. code-quality is excellent! Love the automattic team!
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Colaboradores y desarrolladores

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Registro de cambios

4.17.0 – 2023-09-13


  • Added header on the learning mode template of quizzes #7087
  • Log active theme name on plugin deactivation #7155


  • Change «Lesson Type» to «Lesson Layout» in wizard #7111
  • Change all question styles for quizzes in learning mode #7163
  • Changed the footer styles of Quiz template #7163
  • Display «Default Lesson» first in lesson wizard #7119
  • Style changes of the navigation and title area of quiz in learning mode #7093
  • Update style of quiz questions that have been submitted for grading #7163


  • Button and Image style fix for lessons in learning mode in Course theme #7059
  • Fixed AI course outline generator not working in WCPC #7157
  • Fixed extra header element in lesson content #7063
  • Fix PHP 8.2 compatibilty issue: creation of dynamic property. #7120
  • Fix stuck in infinite loop issue on My Messages page in Astra theme #7138
  • Incorrect lesson layout sometimes added in editor #7164


  • Update question type templates #7163

4.16.1 – 2023-08-15


  • Add CC/BCC fields for Sensei emails #7014


  • Update the sensei_results_links filter to include the learner’s user ID when displaying public profiles and to display results links publicly #7048


  • Fix «View Results» button not working #7058
  • Fix custom button colors not being applied in Learning Mode #7080
  • Fix duplicate comment sections under lesson in FSE themes #7044
  • Fix lessons not using the selected template in FSE themes #7045
  • Fix error when the module author user is deleted #7082
  • Fix lessons not being saved when creating a course on the latest Gutenberg version #7091
  • Fix lesson styling in editor on WordPress 6.3 or when Gutenberg enabled #7054
  • Fix PHP 8.1 deprecation notice on Students page #7038
  • Fix strposand str_replace deprecation messages in PHP 8.1 and 8.2 #7028

4.16.0 – 2023-07-13


  • Enable to select how to generate lessons when a course is created #6999


  • Bump minimum required PHP version to 7.3 #7005


  • Fix Continue Course block not redirecting to first lesson in some cases #6997
  • Fix emails not using the From Name/Email settings #6968
  • Fix PHP 8.1 autovivification of falsy value deprecation message #7015
  • Removed Beta label from Editor Menu #6989