WebinarIgnition es una solución webinar premium que te permite crear, ejecutar y gestionar webinars. Crea y personaliza completamente con facilidad el registro y confirmación de webinars, webinars en vivo y páginas de respuesta.
Características de WebinarIgnition

  • «Live Console» to easily manage your live webinar as it is happening. Monitor the number of attendees on your webinar in real-time, total sales/revenue,
    questions and more! Also push an «On-Air Message» to your attendees during your pitch to get them to take action.

  • Páginas personalizables de registro, confirmación y en vivo

  • Incrusta cualquier feed de vídeo como YouTube Live, LiveStream y Ustream en tu página del webinar en vivo.

  • Recordatorios por correo electrónico y mensaje de texto

  • Preguntas y respuestas / integración de chat

  • Seguimiento de ventas y conversión

  • Se integra con cualquier contestador automático de correo electrónico, incluyendo los principales proveedores, como GetResponse, Aweber, iContact, SendReach y MailChimp.

  • Añadir al calendario permite a los usuarios añadir fácilmente el evento a sus calendarios de Google una vez que se han registrado en el webinar.

  • Live Questions to monitor and reply to questions as they come in during your live webinar.

  • «On-Air Message» allows you to push any Call to Action onto your live webinar page when you are ready. Perfect for when you are pitching your product. Push a CTA button or push any HTML that you would like.

  • Paid Webinars: Host and charge your registrants a fee to attend one of your webinars. Integrates with virtually any payment gateway (including Woocommerce).

  • 1-Click Registration: Register 100% of your subscribers for a webinar with the click of a link. As soon as someone clicks a link in your email, it will automatically register them for your webinar event.

WebinarIgnition Pro Features

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  1. Upload the plugin files to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory, or install the plugin through the WordPress plugins screen directly.
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ screen in WordPress


28 de julio de 2020
Ich bin sehr begeistert von Webinarignition, bestes Webinar Plugin für den Deutschen Markt. Alle Möglichkeiten für ein Live, Evergreen oder Sofortstart Webinar sind gegeben. Ich habe mir die Mühe gemacht Deutsche Video Anleitungen sowie eine importierbare Deutsche Vorlage zur Verfügung zu stellen. I am very enthusiastic about Webinarignition, best webinar plugin for the German market. All possibilities for a live, evergreen or instant start webinar are given. I have taken the time and effort to provide German video tutorials and an importable German template.
11 de mayo de 2020
the plugin is not bad. However, it is full of bugs. The icons don't work and neither does the countdown page leading to a 404 error. Besides, the support didn't respond to anyone.
6 de mayo de 2020
We've used WebinarIgnition for about 5 years. We've run webinars of over 1500 attendees on it successfully. What it does well: It's rock solid (nearly). We've tried most other webinar platforms (Webinar jam, webinar ninja, etc.) and none handled large numbers of attendees well. They would freeze or crash. Webinar Ignition does this well, IF you have a good server and use Cloudflare. That said, if you max out your server (about 1500 attendees for us), then things start to break. Less than that, no problem. Price - It's $200 one-time. Can't beat that when others are over $500 per year. Customizable - it runs on YOUR server (not someone else's), within WordPress. So, it can be customized a decent amount. Support - Support is good. Responsive. They fix bugs and add features regularly. Auto-webinars - it has really good auto-webinar capability. What it could do better: No way to embed the registration form in your own page. Stats - nearly non-existent. Plan to export data to excel or google docs for analysis. Features - It doesn't have the deep integration that some systems have (but doesn integrate with most CRMs). It is missing other random features, but then again it has others (like it can send SMS text reminders). Overall, it's a great webinar system. ALL webinar systems have issues. Webinar Ignition just has fewer than most. Other systems have just frozen or dumped all attendees. This has not happened in over 5 years with Webinar Ignition. If you've ever sat there helpless looking at a frozen webinar, you know what I mean. WebinarIgnition is meant for marketers, not corporate presentations (use Zoom for that). It's meant for selling stuff, and that it does well. Highly recommended.
17 de marzo de 2020
I purchased the Pro version of this plugin last year but didn't get a chance to use it until recently but was having a little trouble setting it up. So I contacted them for support. They got back to me within a few hours and worked diligently to address the issue until it was resolved. Now that everything is in place, I'm setting up my first webinar and feel confident that I'll have the support I need to go forward should any issues arise in the future.
10 de febrero de 2020
We integrated WebinarIgnition free inside free WP2LEADS which offers an easy connection and marketing campagne inside Klick-Tipp email marketing.
25 de enero de 2020
Excellent! I like that it has so many useful features, especially the ability for attendees to ask questions live on air.
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  • First Release.


  • Fixed get_results() db error.
  • Minified & concatenated admin css
  • Minified & concatenate admin js
  • Fixed «headers already sent» bug


  • Fixed get_results() db error.


  • Removed unnecessary evergreen webinar code
  • Minor css fixes


  • Fixed issue causing blank white page
  • fixed issue with Undefined index: QUERY_STRING in webinarignition_check_admin function
  • fixed issue with filter_input($_SERVER) not showing some css fixes for font-awesome
  • improved email validation


  • Fixed issue causing js sortable to be undefined (made webinar uneditable)
  • Removed autoplay of webinar pro promotion video


  • Fixed AR Integration
  • Fixed custom styling feature


  • Fixed custom stylings


  • Fixed on-air broadcast message bug
  • Made phone number field optional


  • Added email notifications to webinar host when prospective attendee registers
  • Added language files
  • Fixed transition to countdown to Live webinar
  • Fixed PHPMailer error caused when recovering wp password