White Label CMS


El plugin White Label CMS es para desarrolladores que quieren proporcionar a sus clientes una experiencia más personalizada y menos confusa del gestor de contenidos.

For a overview of the changes in 2.0 version of the plugin please visit the Video User Manuals website.


  • Customize the login page
  • Add your branding to the header and footer
  • Customize the dashboard
  • Control which menus appear for your client
  • Setting up a customized dashboard can be done in seconds using the White Label CMS Wizard

Customize The Login Page

Impress your clients with a branded login page. Add yours or your client’s logo, add a background image and even control the CSS if you wish. Personalising the back end of WordPress will give your client the feeling that this is their website, not a generic website.

Add Your Branding to the Header and Footer

Stay top of mind with your client by adding your branding to the admin bar, menu or footer.

Customize the Dashboard

Are you tired of telling your clients to ignore everything on the Dashboard, but then still receive questions because they’re confused or have broken something?

With White Label CMS you can clear everything from the dashboard and add in your own dashboard panel. You can even add your own RSS feed so your clients can be kept up to date with what you are doing in your business. Which is much more relevant to your client than where and when the next WordPress Meetup is.

Add your own welcome dashboard, and now you can use an Elementor or Beaver Builder template to make it look beautiful.

Control with Menus Appear for Your Client

We have created a new feature called the White Label CMS admin which allows you to hide menus for other users. Setup is simple and gives clients admin access with some restrictions making it harder for them to stumble across settings and mess up the site.

Setup a Site in Seconds Using the Wizard

Setting up a customized dashboard is easy and quick using the White Label CMS Wizard. With just a few clicks, you can add your branding and your client’s details and be up and running in seconds.

There is so much that you can do with White Label CMS, but we want the experience to be simple. The Wizard allows you to set up a clutter-free, customized dashboard without having to scroll through all of the options that are available to you.


  • Un ejemplo de cómo podría verse el escritorio de tus clientes
  • White Label CMS Setting: Branding
  • White Label CMS Setting: Login
  • White Label CMS Setting: Dashboard
  • White Label CMS Setting: Menus
  • White Label CMS Setting: Settings
  • Un ejemplo de pantalla de acceso personalizada


  1. Descarga el plugin White Label CMS
  2. Subirlo al directorio de tus plugins
  3. Ve al directorio de plugins y activa el plugin
  4. Ir a Ajustes->CMS Genérico y usar el sistema de menú para cambiar los valores por defecto.

Preguntas frecuentes

¿Para quién es este plugin?

Para desarrolladores que entregan sitios web a sus clientes y usan WordPress como CSM.

¿Cómo agrego enlaces a mi propio panel?

Tu panel personalizado acepta html así que escribe el código como normalmente lo harías en un editor html.

¿Cómo recomiendas usar este plugin?

Hemos usado esto hace muchos meses y hemos encontrado que los clientes responden mejor cuando está configurado de la siguiente manera:

  • Utiliza el logo del cliente para la pantalla de acceso (le da un acabado más profesional al gestor de contenidos)
  • Usar el logo del cliente en el encabezado
  • Usa tu propio logo en el footer y coloca un link a tu página web
  • Elimina todos los paneles del escritorio (tienen mucha información que sólo terminan por confundir al cliente)
  • Añade tu propio panel. Personaliza la experiencia de tu cliente dándole la bienvenida a su web. Proporciona links a los elementos más importantes del gestor de contenidos. Si lo tienes, proporciona un link a tu servicio de soporte técnico.
Feature Requests

Got a feature request for WLCMS, let us know here.


29 de agosto de 2019
Although this plugin does with Elementor *(biggest page builder) it doesn't fully support the use of Elementor with dropdowns, as well as styles. Would be really nice to see a bit more work to get Elementor Integration up-to-scratch. For now, I have had to go back to "Dashboard Welcome for Elementor" as styles do work on this successfully, however, does not include the same level of customisation as White-Label CMS.
9 de agosto de 2019
I use it for customizing the dashboard and hiding the menu items for users. It does that really well. I ran into one problem on my custom dashboard, but got a really quick reply and fix from the plugin author. I recommend the plugin.
6 de junio de 2019
Had a problem. Thought that it was White Label. Got in touch with Brian at Video User Manuals. Turned out not to be the White Label Plugin. Brian solved my problem. Brian is cool. White Label is cool. You should consider using the White Label CMS too.
21 de mayo de 2019
Dear community, if you have a really good usability in the backend, this plugin is extremely well-advised! It enables targeted design, comfort and function in the backend area. In contrast, the normal WordPress looks like from the Stone Age. I can only hope that the diligent plugin developer develops this great tool and keeps it for the community long. Thank you very much and all the best for the future.
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Colaboradores y desarrolladores

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Registro de cambios


  • Fixed Dashboard for Beaver Builder margin and padding


  • Support Internationalization
  • Added a body class to differentiate WLCMS Admin or not, by adding body.not-wlcms-admin or and body.wlcms-admin
  • Minor fixes

  • Use space to remove howdy
  • Change login logo url if custom logo setup
  • Moved wlcms style to header
  • Hiding Dashboard widgets can now configured by user role
  • Minor fixes

  • Bug fixed involving object cache which is causing redirect loop
  • Fixed unable to upgrade themes and plugins
  • Fixed legacy custom welcome dashboard
  • Fixed legacy import
  • Minor fixes


Major Enhancements
* Re-designed Setting form
* Added a wizard setting
* Added Side Menu logo
* Added more design control on the login form
* Login live preview
* Custom Welcome Panel now supports Elementor and Beaver Builder Pro Templates
* Revised menus system visibility
* Added Hide Front-end Admin Bar